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Marriage is a sacred union between two lovers who would want to write their love for each other already in front of the law. Marriage is not a joke and working towards it and through it is something that is not that easy – in fact, it is, supposed to be hard.

However, no matter how much you invest on it or work on it, things may just go sideways ultimately leading to divorce to break the union. Divorce may come anytime in the relationship, may it be in the beginning or after 15 years of getting married.

If the divorce comes in just a year after the marriage, the couple may not have much liabilities to settle. However, if the divorce comes in 10 years after the marriage, then the couple may have one of the biggest things to settle and it could sometimes lead to a battle in the court.



Having a kid is a great responsibility to take and if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a divorce in your life, then your kid can be affected gravely.

However, in order to lessen the effects of divorce on your kid or kids, it is a father’s duty to learn the law that could affect your child. Learning the law regarding child custody is an important step in the process of divorce if you want everything to go smoothly.

As a father, you have your own legal rights that you may fully exercise in order to still get involved with your child throughout the divorce process.

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A Father Has the Right to Contact Professionals in Contact with the Child


If your son is sick and was taken to the hospital, you have the right to know it. You also have the basic right of contacting the doctor in charge of the kid to ask for any update regarding the medical status of your child.

If you want to know how your kid is doing in school, you also have the right to inquire about his/her performance through the school principal or teachers. Aside from that, if your kid is in a varsity team of any sport, you are also free to contact the coach to ask for any updates.


You are Allowed to Get a Third Party Involved to Negotiate the Custody

One of the biggest mistakes that fathers make as an effect of ignorance in the law is to succumb to the demands of the mother. If you are not too confident on where the initial talks are heading, you can always ask someone close to both of you and your partner to usher in the talks for you.


You Have Equal Rights and Chances as the Mother of the Child

Gender bias is something that most fathers are afraid of when it comes to dealing with a child’s custody. The thought of this bias can gravely put down a father’s confidence regarding the case and this should not be the case. Both parents have the same basic parental rights when it comes to initial child custody issues and both have equal chances of winning the case initially without bias.