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Although the cases we handle and provide assistance for have something in common (divorce and child custody issues), every single case has its own unique story. As you can see, the content of this blog focuses on legal and parental advice. We want to humanize this site by sharing real stories from fathers who struggle with their custody rights over their children. Storytelling is an effective device to educate and inspire people.

Guest post contribution

So if you think your story is something you would like to share to help fellow dads resolve their own problems, then feel free to send it over to us for posting on this site. We reserve the right to publish only stories that we deem are fit for this blog. Hate speech and any offensive content will be automatically declined. Upon submission of your story, we will keep your anonymity to protect your child’s privacy.

Legal questions and advice

We are also open to letters from our readers asking for our legal opinions on their specific case. Selected letters will be featured here on this blog. If you send us a question and you would rather keep it private, please let us know. We will not publish any sensitive information to protect your privacy.
For your story submission or questions, please send them to We will do our best to respond to your email as soon as we receive it. But please understand that we are working on very tight schedules, and it may take a while for some messages to get a reply from us.