Have you gotten a divorce? If you want your child to stay with you after you have separated from your partner, you should know the steps and requirements of filing for child custody.

Filling out and submitting the custody form

A Guide for Divorced Fathers File Child
Filing the documents for the custody of your child is only the first step in the process. You will need to fill out some forms from the courthouse. The forms can also be downloaded from the website of the city or county where you live.

On the custody form, you will write your names of parents of your child, the location of your child since birth, and other important details. You have to pay close attention to the part of the form that asks you whether you are seeking sole or temporary custody of your child.

You have to submit the forms personally at the family court and send them through mail or fax. There are certain fees charged for filing for custody, so be prepared to pay a certain amount.

Custody hearing

Custody hearing
After you have filed the necessary documents, your case will be decided by the family court. And when the forms have been received by the family court, attend the scheduled hearing date.

In the hearings, the judge will hear the arguments from both parties. If the decision is not in your favor, you can always make an appeal. If the higher court upholds the decision, accept it and be contented with the visitation rights granted to you.

To sum it up, here are the basic steps you have to follow when filing for custody of your child:

  1. Choose the type of custody you will file for (e.g. sole custody, legal custody, physical custody, etc.) and be prepared to explain your choice.
  2. Come up with a plan for custody and visitation and try to settle this with your ex-partner.
  3. File the required documents or hire a lawyer to do it for you.
  4. Be present at the court hearings.
  5. Follow the custody order made by the court for arrangements and custody schedules.