If there’s one role that most fathers would dread to find themselves in, it would be that of a mother. Are you struggling to be the best solo dad in the world? Here are five parenting tips for single dads to help you become a good mother as well to your children.

1. Spend quality time with your children.

If you’ve just had a divorce, your children may feel awkward in your company and refuse to spend time with you. This is the case if kids are more attached to their mother. Just be patient and understanding—over time, your children will learn to get emotionally attached to you.

2. Help your children express what they feel.

Let your kids know that it is all right to express their feelings as long as they don’t hurt others and they do it with respect. Listen intently to what they say and don’t try to stop them if they feel like crying or letting out their anger. Also, tell your kids that you love and accept them no matter what they feel right now.

3. Keep the communication lines open.

Even if you’re away from your children, find some ways to keep in touch. Get your sense of humor working, too. Send silly stories, jokes, or riddles to create some fun even if you are not with your kids.

4. Praise your child for every request or criticism.

That way, you make everything light and positive in your home. Also, your children will listen to you in anticipation of hearing something positive from you.

5. Be careful when talking about your children’s mother.

If you can’t help cursing your estranged wife for all the miseries she had caused you, avoid doing it within the earshot of your kids. You don’t want to set a bad example to your kids, do you?

As a single dad, you also become a mother to your kids. The parenting tips for single dads discussed above will help you get that maternal instinct.

Top 5 Parenting Tips for Single Fathers
Infographic source: www.infographicsarchive.com