Marriage is a sacred and legal bond that couples would embark upon as a testament to their love for each other. Maintaining a marital bond is not an easy task and hardships are sure to come along the way, some even pushing a couple to their exact limits.

However, not all marriage may work. No matter how much effort or resources you invest on a marriage, if it’s not meant to last, then it won’t which is why the concept of divorce was created. Divorce is a legal process to dissolve the marriage between two persons.

If you see things that things between you and your wife just could not progress positively anymore, then divorce may be your option. But things get a little bit more complicated when you already have a child.

Having a child is a huge responsibility for a couple and in the face of divorce or after it if you are to win the case, the child will still be your responsibility.

Knowing you way around the laws involving your child’s custody is your responsibility, and to help you with that, here are some of the laws you could take note of:

single father child support

Accepting Any Financial Provisions or Support for the Child

When it comes to finances both the parents have the basic right to provide support to their children. Providing for the child is the right of both parents and for the one who has custody to the child, the financial support must be accepted.

Claim Paternity                          

Establishing paternity is one of the most important things you would have to take note of. Paternity rights can determine everything related to your son’s custody so it is important to make sure your status and how you can move with your current rights.

Same Rights as Single Moms

The essence for the rights of either the single father or mother is the same and the key difference are the laws regarding paternity establishment. Just like mothers, single fathers have the right to support their child, marry once again after the divorce has been successful, and more.